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Planning a 2017 wedding? I spoke to the experts of the industry, the suppliers themselves, to bring you everything you need to know about the hottest wedding trends of 2017 (the details that you actually care about)!

most popular wedding trends my love for you love letters

Image courtesy of Kyra Costa and Felipe Jr

You’ll probably have seen the photo above (courtesy of Kyra Costa and Felipe Jr) circling the internet! Who doesn’t love this idea, it’s absolutely adorable! Basically, you arrange with other love note collectors (oh the joys of social media), which locations you can do, then you write out the couples names and take a photo of it in front of an iconic building or landmark. Then, swap your photos with the others that you’ve made arrangements with and you have a lovely scrap-book of photos to give your partner on your wedding day (others are also using  it for valentine’s day gift ideas or birthday presents)! Such a lovely, personal and best of all, FREE gift for your fiancé on your wedding day! Brides are going CRAZY for this right now. With these cute little love notes circulating every social media platform,  I think they will continue to be huge throughout 2017. There are many Facebook groups dedicated to connecting with different people around the world in order to gather these photos, so hop on the band wagon to make your own ‘around the world love notes’ gift.

Invitations Trends:

Laser prints have made a comeback as strong as ripped jeans and I’m loving it! Classic, elegant and timeless.

Wedding Trends 2017 - Invitations

by So Inviting Invitations


Hot Wedding Trends 2017 Invitations

by Smart Accessories


Wedding Cake Trends:

Yep, you guessed it. Naked cakes are still set to dominate cake makers order books yet again for 2017. When they look as good as this one, are you really surprised?

Hot wedding trends 2017 - naked cake

Photo by Hayley Tigerfly Photography

Bridesmaid Dress Trends

Hot wedding trends 2017 - mismatched bridesmaid dresses

Photograph by Hayley Tigerfly Photography

These bridesmaids are getting feisty and have decided they like to look a little different! If you’ve got the eye for pairing mismatched colour shades together, then this looks amazing!! If you’d like your dresses in the same colour but like the idea of your bridesmaids having their own look, check out these multiway dresses:

Multiway Bridesmaid Dresses

 I couldn’t resist showing you these gorgeous 50’s style dresses either:

First fight / argument box:

Here’s how it works, you each write a letter about your partner detailing why you love each other and why you’ve chosen to commit the rest of your lives together. On your wedding day,  you each pop your letter inside and a dvd or bottle of wine depending on the size of the box and then you nail it shut. Then when you have your first ‘big’ fight, break it open and each go and cool off with your letter. You get to read all of the things that your partner loves about you and you’ll realise that your argument doesn’t matter. You should then swap letters and remind yourselves of all the things you love about your partner. Cuddle, laugh it off and enjoy the night with a film and a bottle of wine!

wedding trends 2017 first fight box

Etsy £12.99

Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas

Another one for the bridesmaids. Gone are the days when you’d just outright ask your friend to be your bridesmaid, now proposing to your bridesmaids is a massive deal and the ideas are getting more and more creative! I love the idea of filling a little box with goodies that ask the question, yes it’s yet another expenditure but it will likely turn the moment that you ask, in to a treasured memory for your girls.

What's hot in wedding 2017 - will you be my bridesmaid gifts

Etsy – £2.50

What’s on Trend for Flowers?

It’s all about the Gypsophelia! Simple, pretty and cheap! Gyp won’t be going anywhere anytime soon!

What's hot in weddings 2017 - gypsophelia

by Rachael’s Flowers

Whilst we’re talking flowers, check out the newest craze of flowers that brides won’t be carrying down the aisle..

The Flower Wall

What's hot in weddings 2017 Flower walls

by Prestige Events and Weddings

This makes a gorgeous back drop for photos and is guaranteed to be a conversation starter!

Bride Hairstyle Trends

Brides are loving plaits right now! And how they have moved on from the plaited pigtails that we all had at school. The sophistication and beauty of a plait with a delicate hair vine is a definite show-stopper.

DIY Wedding Trends

DIY wedding projects are bigger than ever and they’re getting more elaborate too! Jam jar centre pieces are being replaced with DIY guest entertainment and treat displays!

Sweet Tables

Quick, easy and fun to put together! Grab yourself some jars. Amazon have some very pretty ones at great prices:

Then fill with your favourite sweets. Have a look at wholesalers for buying in bulk at lower prices, or the local pound shop if you don’t have a warehouse. If you’re wanting to make them up in advance, just be careful to check best before dates and keep them out of the sun so that you don’t find a big sticky lump when it comes to your guests tucking in!

DIY Photo Booth

There are some amazing photo booth companies out there so have a good look at the market, but if you decide to keep it simple and create your own, a nice backdrop and a bunch of fun props (as well as a camera or ipad) will have you off to a good start. There won’t be many 2017 weddings without a photo booth of some sort.

Flower Girls who Look Like Mini Brides

Serious cuteness alert! Team these beautiful dresses with some sparkly jewellery, your little ladies will feel like princesses (but could end up stealing the show)!

What's hot in weddings 2017 - flower girl dresses



Charity Awareness and Donations at Weddings:

I love that this is becoming more popular by the year and it’s looking like 2017 will be no exception! Have a look here for more charity wedding ideas – How to Include a Charity at your Wedding.

Photography Trends

Yes even photographers see trends where brides will all be wanting that same incredible shot that they’ve seen time after time when browsing photographer’s portfolios (or pinterest). Right now, brides and grooms are loving ‘fly on the wall’ shots where natural moments are captured like this beauty by Gavin J Priest:

photography wedding trends 2017

Photo courtesy of Gavin J Priest

Photographers have also been rushing outside at sunset with their brides and grooms to capture a romantic sunset shot like this breathtaking photo by Kimberly Hill:

Crazy popular wedding trends 2017 - photography

Kimberley Hill Photography

Weddings are also becoming more fun, which means the photography is becoming more fun too. In In recent years, wedding photography has been about guests positioned in to love hearts or other shaped group shots, this year brides are enjoying fun and games whilst the photographer runs around capturing the laughter and excitement. Here is a wonderful example by Marc Bates at Photos From Me:

hottest wedding trends 2017 - photography

Image courtesy of Photos From Me

 Blush, Rose Gold and Champagne Weddings

top most popular wedding trends of 2017 - rose gold bridesmaid dresses

Image courtesy of Photos From Me

Come on, did you really think I could talk 2017 wedding trends without mentioning blush, rose gold and champagne gold? I LOVE these colours. I’m already married and my hubby won’t let me plan a vow renewal after only 2 years (booo) but I’d definitely be going full blush and rose gold with tons of gold glitter! I’ve also seen some burgundy thrown in to add some warmth for a winter wedding and that’s pretty spectacular too. Here are my favourite wedding finds in these colours:

Hot wedding trends 2017 rose gold and blush


2017 Wedding trends - rose gold guest book


Most popular wedding trends 2017

by Nikki Swift Designs

Crazy popular wedding trends 2017 - rose gold


And there we have it. Which is your favourite trend? I’d LOVE for you to leave a comment and let me know!

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