Wedding planning should be an experience, not a task! 

I got married in August 2014 and whilst the day was amazing, I learnt a lot about the whole planning process, I made some decisions that I regret as well as some that were perfect without question – such as the man I chose (aww). I went from engaged to married in just 5 months, for no other reason than impatience and excitement. In hindsight, I’d have loved to take my time and carefully plan each individual detail rather than just ticking off boxes and making snap decisions.

I learned a lot about the importance of hiring good wedding industry professionals and suppliers. I now know that a good wedding photographer is absolutely worth blowing the budget on, an Ipod won’t give the same atmosphere as an experienced band or DJ and which elements of a wedding definitely shouldn’t be DIY’ed. 

I write a lot about the actual wedding planning experience. It’s not a time when a bride should feel stressed or overwhelmed, it’s a time to enjoy making decisions about pretty, little details and being treated like they’re the only woman in the world who is getting married.

I truly believe any bride and groom can plan the wedding of their dreams as long as they carefully prioritise their wedding budget.

After my big day I stayed in the wedding scene on social media, I read everything from the good to the heartbreaking and took it all in. I then started replying and sharing my wisdom and quickly realised people actually wanted to hear my opinions. These replies quickly evolved into blogs posts which were shared and received in such an amazing way, I knew I had to continue writing and helping more brides and grooms to prioritise their budget, choose quality suppliers and enjoy the whole wedding planning process.

I’m lucky to be able to do this whilst my husband brings home the bread for our 2 children and me. Whilst they’re all supportive of my love for weddings and writing about them, in a house with 3 boys I can’t say they share my excitement when I come home with a bargain wedding dress to take pictures of or when I take over the entire dining room creating elaborate centerpieces or table plans. I do get thrown the occasional ‘oooh’ and then we talk music/football/teletubbies again depending on which one speaks loudest amongst the chaos. 

Anyway, I’m only at the end of the keyboard, so get in touch if you want to read about something in particular. I’d be thrilled to hear from you!

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