We all have a particular charity that holds a special place in our hearts. It’s therefore natural that on a day when we plan to spend so much money (a wedding day), we include the charities that we hold so dear. 

So here are a few ways that you can contribute towards your chosen charity, as well as raising awareness amongst your wedding guests. 

All of these can be adapted to be in memory of a loved one on your wedding day or simply because because your particular charity pulls at the heart strings. 

stocksnap_5xv32rk0wu Charity Wedding favours 

The most obvious way is to source favours that give directly to your chosen charity, you can find trolley tokens, pin badges, little bags of sweets and lots of others. Even a simple card that says something along the lines of ‘£1 has been donated to [insert charity name] in your honour’ if there are a couple of charities that you hold dear, you could include your guests in their contribution. Add a tick box to their card and ask them to select which they’d like their contribution to be donated to.


Have a good rummage around the charity shops! 

From amazing wedding dresses to unique centerpiece ideas, you’ll be surprised what treasures can be found, plus a % of your purchase goes straight to the charity (as well as the added bonus that you’ve probably bagged a bargain)! 

Check your chosen charity’s website

A lot of the bigger charities have huge online stores where you can purchase tons of stationery products, from invitations to wedding organisers, confetti and place cards!

Asking your guests for charity donations

If you have a huge heart you could even ask your guests to donate to your charity instead of a wedding present, or (if you’ve requested cash instead of gifts) you could state in the invitation that whatever percentage of the money that is gifted to you will be donated straight to charity.  money-jar

Have you chosen a photo booth or another modern entertainment option? How about popping a little bucket or even a jar outside with a little note attached, asking for your guests to have a fab time and drop a pound or 2 in towards your chosen charity? Guests won’t mind making a small donation, they know it’s going to a good cause and will enjoy using the booth!

Don’t be afraid to contact your charity either. A lot of the bigger, well known ones will have a lot of details on their websites but a smaller charity will still be thrilled to have you think of them for your big day and may be able to offer other suggestions to include them at your wedding.

Have you included a charity in your wedding in a way not mentioned? Let me know and I will add it in!

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