Does My Wedding Business Need a Blog?

Let’s break this question down a little. Do you want:

  • More brides and grooms to find your website using search engines (improve your SEO)
  • To Raise your brand awareness?
  • To increase your social media following?
  • To Build trust with your audience?
  • To book more weddings/sell more products?

If you answered yes to any, or all of them, then you need to get blogging. It may feel like a bit of a minefield right now, and it may be fair to say that you’ve been putting this off for a long time? But fear not my wedding business friends! This blog post is going to answer all of those questions and talk you through step by step how to use a blog to bring brides and grooms to you!

Should my wedding business have a blog? If you're looking to increase your social media followers for your wedding business, improve your wedding business SEO and book more weddings, then yes you need to get blogging! Read on for my secret formula on how and what to write in your blog posts to find more brides and grooms and book those weddings. The wedding industry is flooded with wedding businesses looking to make a sale, this is what will set you apart from the crowd and I'm going to show you why. This blog post is written with all suppliers in mind, whether you offer a wedding product or service, I'm going to show you how blogging will take your business to the next level.

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Why am I not getting wedding bookings?

You’re probably finding out for yourself that posting the same advert every week isn’t getting brides queuing at your door with deposits in their hand. Want to know why? Because everybody is doing that! Most of the human race has switched off to anything that our minds see as an advert and will dismiss it without a second thought. Your wedding business may be the most wonderful, must-have wedding booking of the year, but unless you find a better way to sell it, they ain’t buying!

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How will keeping a blog for my wedding business increase bookings/sales?

Here’s the secret formula:

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Seems pretty simple doesn’t it? It is!

How does a wedding business blog increase my social media following?

A blog can greatly improve your wedding business through increasing your social media followers. Let’s say you’re promoting your business on Facebook. You start off by writing and publishing the blog, then you post the article to your page and share it to wedding groups. Brides and grooms scrolling through see something that catches their attention, they enjoy reading your post; and, as they see you as someone who has brought them some great ideas for their big day, they follow your page. Then, when you post your amazing services, suddenly they start to take notice of you. They see that other brides and grooms are booking and they want a piece of that for their wedding. Boom! Your follower just became your customer!

Why you need a blog for your wedding business, wedding business blog, wedding supplier blog, wedding vendor blog, wedding business blog ideas, wedding business increase social media followers, wedding business seo

It’s also worth mentioning that Facebook just changed their algorithm (again!) and social media experts are claiming that less than 10% of your page followers will see your posts UNLESS it get’s lots of engagement. The more likes, comments and shares that each post gets, the more Facebook will show it to. By posting new and interesting content into wedding groups, you are a lot more likely to receive the interaction that Facebook will reward you for.  You can help this interaction by adding a tag line to the post. Invite readers to contribute an opinion. Simply asking ‘which is your favourite? ‘ will prompt some people to comment, meaning more people will see it.

With me so far? Ok, let’s move on to how NOT to blog.

I’m already blogging for my wedding business, but no one’s reading it

So let’s now say you’re a photographer.  Credit where it’s due, I’ve noticed a lot of photographers do try to keep up with blog posts. Well done if this is you – or any supplier who does! Seriously, you’re ahead of the game already. Problem is, potential clients don’t really care about ‘Chris and Lucy’s Wedding’, because it has no value to them. I’m sure the married bride and groom love the blog post to look back to (once, maybe twice?), but this won’t drive any new custom – (assuming that your portfolio is already easily accessible on your website and social media channels). Stop and think to yourself ‘if I was getting married, would I be interested in this?’ If the answer is no, then it’s a no-brainer – don’t waste your time.

What Should I write my wedding business blog about?

So, let’s say you’re now a wedding stationer. You need to blog something that your readers/potential customers care about. How about ‘2018’s Most Popular Wedding Invitations’. You then include your gorgeous invites and add a little write-up of each – why they’re popular, why you enjoy making them etc. Your happy bride or groom reads the posts, swoons over the beautiful invitations and then gets to the bottom of the post which reaches your email link/booking form. This last line invites them to tell you which was their favourite invitation and to ‘get in touch to discuss your wedding stationery plans’.

Though that last line is a little sale-sy, you see how you got the reader to view lots of your best work before they got any kind of sales pitch? You sold to them, without selling to them. That’s where the money is for you ladies and gents.

Why you need a blog for your wedding business, wedding business blog, wedding supplier blog, wedding vendor blog, wedding business blog ideas, wedding business increase social media followers, wedding business seo

More Wedding business blog ideas

Wow, you’re working me hard here.
Ok, here are a few wedding business blog ideas to suit many different suppliers. Hopefully you will see how to adapt these to suit your own line of business:

  • How to use gypsiphilia in your wedding bouquet
  • 10 Top tips for flawless bridal make-up
  • Wedding Inspiration by season (actually write which season, not by season!)
  • Wedding [insert theme] inspiration
  • Wedding Invitation styles – which one will you choose?
  • Sunset wedding photography Inspiration
  • Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas
  • Choosing the prefect bridal up-do to match your dress
  • 10 reasons to choose a marble wedding cake
  • Top tips from your wedding photographer (this works for any business)
  • 20 First dance song Ideas
  • Wedding DIY hacks for brides and grooms
  • Where/how to find the best suppliers for your big day
  • Wedding budgeting tips
  • Behind the scenes look at how [whatever wedding product you just created] is made

How often should I update my wedding business blog?

Be honest with yourself. How often do you spend on Facebook wedding groups? How much of that time is self-promotion and how much of that is spent reading the drama that features on a daily basis?
Well, cut the drama and get blogging. It’s unlikely that you will have time to blog every week, and that’s fine. You’re not a blogger and it’s not your main profession. You’re doing this to support your business. I would suggest that once a fortnight would be great for your business, though even one a month is a great start. The more blog posts you have, the more search engines have to index from you. As well as the more you will have to engage brides and grooms on social media. Although with that said, I would add; it’s better to have fewer, high-quality articles full of information or inspiration rather than a couple of ‘posting for the sake of posting’ poor quality blog posts.
Don’t think you can only share the post once to social media either. Give it a couple of weeks and go for it again! Once you have a few posts published, you will be able to rotate the content. There is no rule with how often you should blog for your business. If you go from 0 in 3 months to 1 in 3 months, you’ve still made a new step in the development of your wedding business and should be flippin’ proud of that.

But I can’t write the fancy articles that you see online

Ahh now here is the beauty of being in the wedding industry. You write for your audience. Brides are crazy-excited to be engaged and planning their wedding, be excited for them! Have a little fun. No newly-engaged couple wants to read some matter-of-fact post that looks like a solicitor just published it. You don’t need a writing degree or to know a ton of 8 syllable words to write an interesting and engaging post. I sure as hell don’t write like I swallowed a dictionary, and you’ve got this far…
I write like I talk to my friends and you know what that achieves? Brides and grooms who feel like they know me. Be yourself and use your writing to make that first step towards building that relationship with your audience.

I’m going to take a moment now to pour my heart out and tell you how much I ADORE writing for brides and grooms (to be). They’re such a wonderful audience, as they’re super excited and love discussing their wedding day plans with anyone who’s listening. Being wedding-obsessed helps, but hearing that I helped inspire their big day even in the tiniest way, makes me beam from ear to ear. Why am I telling you this? Well, assuming you have the same passion for whatever wedding business you’re running, I absolutely encourage you to let this show in your blog posts! Let your brides and grooms know which parts of your job you love the most and what your plans are for the future. Do you find any aspects challenging? How have you developed yourself and your service? Be real, love what you do and that relationship will build naturally all on it’s own.

Where else can I share my wedding business blog posts?

Let me tell you about the wonderful world of Pinterest for wedding articles. Millions of brides use Pinterest to plan their wedding and they love reading any kind of wedding advice/inspiration.
So, you write your post, create a pinnable image like this:

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Pin it to Pinterest, and you just opened your doors to a whole new, enormous market who just happen to be your target audience. Like every other social media platform, you have to ‘play the game’ in order to have your articles put in front of brides, but huge numbers of brides and grooms flocking to your website has got to be worth the investment, right?
Don’t start worrying that you have too many things to juggle with your new blog. If you haven’t got time to apply to Pinterest right now, that’s fine. Get your blog up and running and this is just a bonus option when you see how well your articles are doing on other platforms.

I have just over 2000 followers on Pinterest, which is not a lot. But, number of followers means very little on Pinterest. I regularly pin blog posts into group boards as well as my own boards and just take a look how many people those posts reached this week:

Does my wedding business need a blog? wedding business blogging tips, how to blog for business, blog ideas for my wedding business, how often should i blog for my wedding business

Now you’re sitting upright in your chair and paying attention aren’t you?

Let me tell you about a secret tool for making Pinterest a heck of a lot easier. Tailwind is a programme that allows you to schedule your pins at the optimum time for your audience. After you’ve created your pinnable image, you simply click it and select ‘schedule to Tailwind’. Then, when brides and grooms are most active, it will pin it to your chosen board. It makes it SO much easier and is incredibly effective for having your blog posts put in front of your target audience. Tailwind will become your best friend if; like me, you really don’t have time to apply to another social media platform. You’ll become a master of Pinterest and see great results – with very little effort!

How will writing a wedding blog for my business improve my SEO?

Whilst SEO is infamously complex and time-consuming, the answer to this question is quite simple. Google likes text. The more text your website has, the more google has to find from it when your potential customers are searching. I could write a whole post about wedding businesses’ and blogging SEO as there is far too much to say so I will stick to the basics. Unless you’re prepared to pay big bucks to be found when someone searches ‘UK wedding photographer’ you can pretty much count out being highly ranked for such a generic search term. Though, if you had a blog post about something more specific that only a few people are searching for, those few people each day could be finding that information from your website! I recently published a featured shoot with a La-La Land wedding Theme. Not everyone wants a la-la land wedding, most don’t. But, the few hit movie fans that do and are searching google for inspiration, are reading my blog post right now! Getting the drift?

Can’t I just get someone to write my wedding business blog posts for me?

Actually, yes!  As a freelance writer (as well as awesome wedding blogger), I would LOVE to write you some posts for your wedding business. Whether it’s just to get you going and give you something to show you how to do it, or because you’re simply too busy to do the blogging side and would just like it looked after now that you know how important it is. Understandably, you want to focus on your area of expertise. This is mine; so if you would like it done for you, send me a ‘Quick Keelie, I need blog posts’ email to

Or check out my Hire a Freelance Wedding Article Writer page here for more details.

Oh damn, you just got a sales pitch!

But wait, you read my work first, you know that I know my stuff and you’re now considering hiring me to write your wedding blogs aren’t you? The formula works!

Why you need a blog for your wedding business, wedding business blog, wedding supplier blog, wedding vendor blog, wedding business blog ideas, wedding business increase social media followers, wedding business seoDisclaimer: This is not me. Nor does it look anything like me. It just has the right amount of cheesiness for me to deliver that last point.

Wait, I still have questions!

Still have questions? No problem! Leave me a comment below and I promise to reply! Or, if you have a few more seconds to spare, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this post. Has it helped you? Do you feel inspired to go and write your first blog post for your wedding business?

I’d genuinely love to hear from you…

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