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Mother nature can be a bitch but rain doesn’t have to ruin your wedding day if you plan for it properly. And If you’re planning a wedding in England, or the UK, don’t be fooled in to thinking the weather will be lovely because you’ve planned a summer wedding. If you’ve lived here for any length of time, you should know better than that.

Ok, first thing you need to do is accept it! 

You can’t change it, so don’t dwell on it, there are far more important things to be thinking about. (Have you considered how many guests will be drinking RED wine around your beautiful Ivory dress?) If it’s not the actual morning of your wedding, you can plan for it! First thing is first, order some really pretty umbrellas!

Suppliers often carry them but don’t chance it, order a couple if you can.  Bare in mind that there are some breathtaking rainy wedding photos out there: 


Martin Bulmer Photography



Joanna Cleeve Photography

It almost makes you want it to rain doesn’t it?

Here are 5 reasons why rain could actually be considered a good thing:

Is wedding day sun all it’s cracked up to be?

It could be 30degrees, You’ll be red faced, hot and bothered with your fringe sticking to your sweaty forehead! You’ll look like a princess, do you really want to smell like a marathon runner? 

It makes for a better story! 

It’s natural human nature to add a negative on to a story of positives, I believe it’s some sort of built in anti full of yourself mechanism. So when someone asks how your wedding day was, no one ever says ‘oh it was glorious, my husband was glorious, the sun was glorious and hell, even the embroidery on the little hand towels in the ladies toilets were glorious’ Not a lot you can reply to that is there? But ‘oh yes it was wonderful thank you, it rained every minute of the day but it was amazing’ makes for an interesting conversation without the other person thinking you’re a bit TOO perfect and secretly hoping you walked around all day with loo roll trailing from you perfect heels!

The smokey Joes in the wedding party will only disappear outside for 5 minutes an hour

as apposed to gathering outside chatting away like old women for the duration of reception whilst the DJ does his best to fill the dance floor and you’re wondering where the hell all your guests are! At £40 a head, you know for sure you paid for more than 10 people.

It’s actually supposed to be good luck 

I don’t buy in to all that mumbo jumbo (refer to my blog – ‘The Only Wedding Tradition You Need For A Long And Happy Marriage’ for my views of luck and traditions) but hey, if you’re in to that kinda think then wahey, bonus! That said, the myth is something to do with fertility and as my son was conceived on my wedding night after a full day of rain so maybe there is something in it? If you don’t want kids and you have torrential rain on your big day, perhaps call it a night with a peck on the cheek!

Most importantly, when did you last hear a newlywed say ‘my wedding day was ruined because of the rain’? Never! Yes it’s disappointing,  I planned my wedding for bank holiday in August expecting it to be dry and bright at least! I studied the weather forecast and watched it turn dimmer and dimmer as I counted down the final days. When I woke on the morning of my big day, I walked straight over to the window, peeled back the curtain and my heart sunk for just a tiny second when I saw the rain absolutely bouncing off the glass and a little stream flowing down the road and flooding the drains. It turned out to be the wettest  summers day on record for 20 years or something but it never mattered again for the rest of the day! Actually, it gave the guests an ice breaker and my husband and I just laughed about it! It really wasn’t an issue, your day will be perfect and not one person there to celebrate it with you will care! So get your umbrellas and go and capture some beautiful photos of your special and wet day! 



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