Image by Nathalie Talka Rychetnik

I don’t do diet talk here, whilst I understand that every bride wants to look her best in her dress, there’s nothing healthy about crash dieting or trying to lose half your body weight in 3 months. What I do firmly believe in is healthy choices that you can enjoy. We’ve all dieted at some point or another and I know it left me feeling miserable and starving! I spent the whole time craving foods that I couldn’t have and searching the fridge desperately for anything that was one of my ‘acceptable’ foods. I gave it up fast and instead swapped to healthier meals and snacks (after admittedly binging on cake to make up for my lack of any flavour during the my pathetic week-long diet attempt). 

So ask yourself, do you want to look tired, pale, washed out and generally unwell on your wedding day because you haven’t eaten anything solid in a week, or do you want to look radiant with glowing skin and feeling on top of the world?


Oh and curves you say? Flaunt it! The plus size wedding dresses on the catwalk right now are the envy of every girl regardless of size! Plus someone has chosen to marry you because you are perfect, I don’t think ‘if you lose a few pounds’ followed the big question ‘will you marry me?’ and if it did, I hope they were promptly shown the middle finger and not the ring finger! 

I absolutely believe that you’re far more likely to succeed in eating a balanced diet (and losing weight if that’s your intention) if you allow yourself the occasional treat but generally turn to healthier options. So the odd take away is fine but if you drink 2 litres of fizzy pop a day, you’re not doing yourself any favours!

In this section of the blog I’m going to show you some lovely, tasty and healthy alternatives to every day meals and snacks.  Now, don’t panic, I promise there will never be a celery stick in sight (more because I think they’re the food of the devil) but I am so sick of seeing them on every ‘healthy snack’ list on the internet. You don’t have to eat like a rabbit to be healthy.

So my first focus will be breakfast. Every bride needs a breakfast to start the day especially on your wedding day! Don’t be skipping it because you haven’t got time or much of an appetite (I was force-fed some weird-looking green smoothie for breakfast on my wedding day, I had no idea what was in it but my mum told me I had to drink it and I felt it was best to just do as I was told!) actually, though I had a little tantrum about the colour, it was very cooling and refreshing whilst I was running around stressing about 10,000 other things I needed to do. Plus I didn’t get my normal 11am hunger pains.


Anyway, let’s have some sciencey stuff in case I’ve not yet persuaded you enough to eat healthily in the run up to your big day. 

Healthy eating can:

Improve your mood – you probably spent thousands on your wedding, you don’t really want to be grumpy/grouchy through it!

Boost your energy – you’ll be the centre of attention from the crack of dawn until early hours of the next morning, you don’t want to look back on lots of photos of you yawning!

Give you clearer skin – an obvious reason in itself, you spend a long time choosing the right outfit and accessories, you don’t want an angry, red attention seeking mountain on the end of your nose!

Give you healthy, shiny hair – you also wouldn’t want to hear your guests saying “oh she looks beautiful, just a shame about her

dull and lifeless hair” would you? A very real possibility if you continue to eat only processed or ‘grab ‘n’ go’ type foods. 

You could live longer!! You just committed to spending the rest of your life with another person, I think the least they deserve is you looking after yourself so that you have a good shot at a long, healthy and happy life together’

So that’s it, I look forward to sharing lots of healthy (but nice) Meals with you to help you in naturally losing weight if you’re carrying a little extra but also helping you discover new eating and lifestyle habits that will have you happy, healthy and glowing on your special day!  

Oh and I promise you, healthy eating doesn’t mean doing away with chocolate and cake! Wait for my famous ‘snicker ball’ recipe! You’ll be wondering why supermarket treats have so much added crap when something natural can taste so flippin’ good! 


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