Can you really plan a wedding in 5 months (Or less)?

How to plan a wedding in 5 months (even when you have no idea what you're doing). It's absolutely possible to plan the perfect wedding day and get married in 5 months (or even less). This will guide you through everything that you need to do, step by step with lots of tips and tricks along the way!

You’ve never done this before, you have no idea what to do and when. Can you really plan a wedding and get married in such a small time frame?

Hell yeah you can!

But you need to get cracking.

Hold out your hand, I’m about to walk you through the whole thing!


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Get Organised

Ok so you know what? It’s actually not that hard to plan a wedding in 5 months, or even less.  We have the internet now and most things can be done online. First thing’s first, get organised! Order yourself a pretty organiser online. This one is fantastic if you want to be guided through the whole process with hints, tips and tricks along the way. It makes a lovely keepsake too.

If you like to work more digitally, download The Ultimate Wedding Spend Tracker. It’s completely free and means that you can keep track of all of your suppliers and spends on one page. This is a must if you’re wanting to stick to your budget and keep track on all of your suppliers and costs on one page.

Decide your budget

Will you be emptying savings accounts or just putting a little aside for wedding spends each month? Here are some tips on deciding your wedding budget (and when it’s ok to blow it). You should also find out if anyone else is planning to contribute.

Find a Venue and Set the Date

You can absolutely plan a wedding and get married within 5 months of saying yes but if the end of those 5 months happens to fall on a Saturday in August you may struggle to find somewhere available and even if you do, it’s also likely that good quality suppliers will be fully booked.

There are ways around this, obviously you could book mid-week but if you want a day that people already have off work, opt for a bank holiday! That’s what I did. I got the venue reduced by 40% as it was classed as a ‘last minute’ booking and I had no problem with booking the suppliers that I wanted (even if I did mess up when it came to choosing my photographer, have a read of Why You Absolutely Definitely Need a Professional Wedding Photographer and How to Find a Good One).

Now, you need to crack on and find a venue. Phone and check that your chosen venues have a date that works for you before viewing it. There’s no point setting yourself up for heart-break when you fall in love with a venue that is booked solidly throughout your chosen month. Be open minded and prepared to compromise, your venue may have a date that you hadn’t considered, if it’s the ‘dream venue’ it could be worth grabbing the date before someone else does.

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Buy it or DIY it?

Then work out which items you are going to hire and which you want to DIY but be smart. There’s no point planning a full, elaborate DIY wedding in 5 months if you work full time or are busy with the kids. Take on one thing at a time, see how you find it and how long it takes you and go from there. There are tons of things you can DIY for your wedding but pick wisely. Don’t start DIYing invitations which need to be in the post ASAP, instead, consider making your own wedding favours or a table plan.

Send out the invitations

You can get some gorgeous wedding invitations online for a lot cheaper than you’d think. get them ordered and it’s another job ticked off the list! These need to be in the post asap for friends and family to RSVP (spoiler alert, chasing RSVPs will become the bane of your life for the next 5 months).

Hire your suppliers

Prioritise your budget when choosing your suppliers. This is SO important

If you are working on a tight budget and need to keep costs down, work out with your hubby/wife-to-be what things are most important to you. If neither of you are keen on cake but enjoy a dance, naturally prioritize your evening band or DJ over a fancy cake. This works with timing too, with 5 months or less to plan a wedding, you need to get those bookings made so agree on your ‘must haves’ and get those booked first then move on to the rest of your suppliers.

I say it in nearly every post but your wedding photos are the only physical item that you will walk away with after your wedding. Don’t scrimp on your wedding photographer.

Here is a list of the suppliers to be booked for a wedding. Not all will be essential or necessary at every wedding.

  • Officiant
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • DJ/band/musician
  • Florist
  • Venue Dresser
  • Caterers
  • Entertainment
  • Hair dresser and makeup artist
  • Transport
  • Stationer

Go Dress Shopping

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You’ve been waiting for this one haven’t you?

The reality is that with just 5 months or less to plan a wedding, it’s unlikely that you can order a made to measure wedding dress in time unless you are buying ‘off the peg’. But, that really isn’t as terrible as Monica would have you think (only Friends fans will get that). I had a fantastic experience wedding dress shopping. I walked into the shop and had the time of my life going through rail after rail of gorgeous designer gowns all for around a third of the price that you’d pay at a bridal shop. Be open minded, visit your local off the peg bridal store and prepare to be blown away.

Shop the rest of the outfits

The bride can sort the bridesmaids, the groom can sort the groomsmen. Simples. Pick a day when everyone is free (I make it sound so simple don’t I?) and send the boys in one direction and the girls in another. If this is impossible in the time frame, you can always order online. Here are some of my favourite places for lovely, affordable bridesmaid dresses from reputable companies.

Dorothy Perkins (yes they now have a wedding range!)

House of Fraser

Chi Chi Clothing

Phase Eight

And suits for the groom and groomsmen: (you will probably find it works out cheaper to buy the suits rather than hire them and it means they all get to keep it after the wedding)

Burton Menswear

John Lewis


Chase your numbers.

They’ve had your invitations for a couple of months now, you need those numbers! Start chasing guests but don’t jump in to full bridezilla mode just yet, save that for 2 weeks before when you still havn’t had confirmation!


In the final weeks you have a perfect excuse to be pampered and spoilt. Have your hair and makeup trial, get your nails done and book your fake tan if you’re getting one.

Plan a final shopping trip with your bridesmaids to pick up final outfit details (veil, jewellery, shoes etc).

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Final Tips, Tricks and Advice

Ask your bridesmaids for help.  Most bridesmaids will want to help and want to feel involved. There’s plenty that they could do such an helping to chase RSVPs, sourcing decorations or even emailing suppliers for quotes.

Eat and drink well. This may seem pretty obvious but you would be surprised the difference it will make to your appearance as well as your frame or mind if you are eating healthily and staying hydrated with plenty of water. It’s a simple way to give you a beautiful glow on your big day. So avoid a boozy hen/stag do in those final weeks.

Remember, it’s your day and you’ve got a lot of planning to do. Ignore all of the ‘helpful’ advice from friends and family who may be questioning your decisions and telling you what you should be doing.

Stop panicking! 5 Months is a long time. Let’s say you get weekends off work, put one day aside for wedding plans and one day to spend with your partner wedding free. 1 day a week for 5 months is 20 whole days to plan a wedding! 20 full days where you can make phone calls, send emails, visit venues and suppliers and go on shopping trips.

Get Married

Congratulations! See, you can easily plan a wedding in 5 months (or even less). Just stay calm, take time to enjoy the experience, don’t rush crucial decisions such as choosing your suppliers and remember to work out what is important to you and your other half in order to prioritise your budget and create the perfect day for you.

Happy wedding planning!

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Are you planning a wedding in 5 months or even less? Is there something in particular that you are having trouble with?

Leave me a comment and we’ll work it out together!


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