New year resolution ideas for engaged, newlywed and married couples

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You’ve committed your lives to one another, you’re clearly in it for the long haul but can you keep your relationship as loving and exciting as it was when you first made the decision to tie the knot?

Try these New Years resolutions for engaged, newlywed and married couples to keep you focused on each other, appreciating each other and remembering why you chose to say ‘I Do’ in the first place.

1. Put the phone down!!

Light some candles, turn off the technology, face each other and just chat!

2. Play a game

Monopoly, scrabble, Jenga, whatever floats your boat. I bet it will end in some competitive fun! Have a look at these ones for some guaranteed giggles that will have you reminiscing and probably discovering something new about your new husband or wife.

3. Date night 

One day a week or even once a month, drop all commitments. Leave work at work, drop the kids with a baby sitter, dress to impress and get yourselves out of the house!

4. Cook a meal together

Chances are, one of you will do the majority of the cooking, so choose a recipe that neither of you have made before and follow it through together. Then pour a nice glass of wine (or Shloer if you’ve just come from Awesome, Alcohol Free Hen Party Ideas) and enjoy your lovely home cooked meal! 

5. Get some fresh air

It’s cold right now but get wrapped up, take a flask and go for a walk somewhere pretty. You’ll find yourselves chatting and enjoying each other’s company. Could you dedicate an hour a weekend to a lovely snuggled up stroll through the countryside.

new year resolution ideas newlyweds

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6. Stop the one-ups 

If you’re tired or hungry it’s easy to pick at each other. It’ll be much easier for everyone if you acknowledge this and ask your other half to go easy on you, maybe hold off on some of the sarcasm, so that you don’t feel the need to punch them for mentioning yet another tea ring or left up toilet seat.

7. Waste less 

Meal plan, asses your fridge and cupboard and use up as much as possible so less is thrown out, this will save you a few quid too!

8. Plan a no-spend weekend

Not  all of the time you spend together needs to be expensive! Check out the ideas here for this.

9. Take on a project together 

Choose a room in your house to redecorate together, agree on all the decisions, the colour, furnishings and enjoy being a team.

10. Save up for something

Whether it’s a holiday, a house move/renovation or a baby, grab yourself a saving pot and put all of your £2 coins in to it. Enjoy watching it grow together.

11. Commit to spending more time with family

Including those elderly relative that you’re both guilty of neglecting!

12. Have a little book club

Read the same book and enjoy discussing where you’re up to and what’s happening.

13. Do something for charity

Your options are endless here, find a charity that is important to you both and see how much you can raise for it, or consider giving up a couple of hours together at the local soup kitchen.

14. Try a new sport together 

A game of tennis at the local leisure centre can be so much fun! 

15. Pamper each other

Once a month, dedicate a day or evening to your partner where you will offer a massage, apply a face mask, rub their feet and anything else to help them wind down after a long week at work.

These are a huge favourite of mine:

16. Support each other through ditching a bad habit

Smoking, excessive drinking, too much coffee or having a few too many cream cakes, agree to get rid and help each other through it.

17. Cut down on sugar

An adult should consume no more than 6 teaspoons of sugar a day, most people have that just in their daily tea/coffee. Gradually reduce it to feel generally healthier and more awake through the day.

18. De-clutter

A cluttered house is a cluttered mind. Stop clinging on to so many items from your past when you’ve just made such a huge commitment for your future. Be ruthless and get rid of all that junk you don’t really need.

19. One for the men!

Guess what? Women have periods. Guess what else? We don’t need you pointing it out to us if our moods are affected. The sooner you learn this, the more pleasant this marriage will be for everyone!

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New year resolutions for engaged, newlywed and married couples

Image courtesy of Tarran Patterson

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