Should you be using Pinterest for your wedding business?

  • Would you like to be found by more brides and grooms?
  • Would you like to have more followers on social media?
  • Would you like to book more weddings or sell more products to brides and grooms?

Then in short, yes you need to be using Pinterest for your wedding business. Let’s go through the very basics, from opening an account, to getting your content on Pinterest and eventually having huge boosts of traffic to your website.
If you keep a blog for your wedding business, Pinterest is perfect for putting those articles out to a wider audience! Pinterest is said to be the main platform for brides looking for wedding inspiration. Let that inspiration come from YOUR Wedding business!
Still trying to figure out how to make Pinterest work for your wedding business? You're been told that there are huge numbers of brides on Pinterest, all looking for wedding inspiration and yet they're not finding you and your wedding business? This step by step guide will go through the basic of using Pinterest to boost your wedding business. If you blog for your business, it is also a great platform for getting your blog articles out to huge numbers of wedding planners all looking for wedding professionals / suppliers LIKE YOU!

Any questions? Feel free to join my new Facebook group – Mastering blogging for your wedding business. Actually, do that anyway! It’s a very cool group of ambitious wedding pros, eager to grow their wedding businesses – and I’m super helpful in it. Even if I do say so myself 😉

Open up a business Pinterest account.

Be sure to choose ‘Continue as a business‘. By choosing the business option, you will receive extra benefits such as pin/board/click-through statistics.
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Optimise your Pinterest account for your wedding business

Brand it with a photo and description and spend some time going through the settings. Make sure your account is set to public and all your boards are searchable.
Whilst looking through your settings, you will spot an option for claiming your website. This is handy for tracking any graphics that are pinned directly from your website.

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Follow other wedding businesses and suppliers

Be sure to follow fellow wedding professionals. They might follow you back, but more importantly, you need content on your home page to be able to pin to your boards (don’t freak out if you don’t know what that means, I will talk more about that shortly). This is my Pinterest account, feel free to give me a follow have a look how my account is set up and what sort of boards I have.
To find more wedding businesses on Pinterest, use the search bar and search ‘wedding’, ‘bridal’ etc and then use the drop down box at the end to select ‘people’.

Create some boards

You need boards in order to organise your pins.

Top Tip: Pinterest is more a search engine than a ‘social’ network. Be specific with your titles and think about what other users might search for. ‘Killer big day heels’ might sound a great idea for a board at the time, but brides aren’t searching for that. Bridal / Wedding peep-toe heels’ might be a better option as it’s more likely to be searched for. Don’t worry about being too specific, you can always create other boards for other styles that you want to pin.

Have group boards for anything that might interest your audience. If you make wedding dresses, it would be helpful to have lots of wedding dress related boards, but also include other topics such as colour scheme inspiration, photography ideas, bridal accessories etc.

From your profile page, select ‘boards’ (underneath your website) then you will see ‘create board’ on the far left.

Create some pins for your own content/blog posts.

I use Canva for this. It’s free, user-friendly and makes it easy to create eye-catching designs. It even has free templates and the optimum sizes for each social media graphic.

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Upload your new graphic and link it to your blog post/sales page/whatever else you’re promoting

There are a couple of ways to do this. This is what I believe to be the easiest way. Upload the graphic directly to your blog post. You will see mine near the top of this post. Then, from Pinterest, when you click the little plus sign in the top right corner of a screen and select ‘Upload image’, at the bottom of the window you will see ‘save from site’. Click that, add the URL of the page you want to link and it will bring up all of the images on that page. Select your graphic, add a description and then choose the board you want to save it to. Voila, you just created a pin and saved it to Pinterest! Your followers can now see it and may choose to pin it, or open it and view the web page.
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Top tip:
Have a board specifically for your wedding business’ pins. I have a board called ‘The Clued-Up Bride Blog Posts’. All new pins are first pinned to there and then repinned to relevant boards afterwards. By having all your pins in one place, it means you can easily see which ones are being repinned and performing well (you will see a pin count next to the pin).

Optimise your Pins

Like your boards, you need to optimise your pins with your audience in mind. If your blog post is about why rain on your wedding day isn’t so bad, be sure to include relevant search phrases such as ‘rainy wedding day’, ‘wedding day rain’, ‘what to do if it rains on your wedding day’, rain on your wedding day inspiration’, ‘wet wedding day photography’ etc etc. Some people will simply use the description of their pins to add a list of search phrases, I prefer to keep the ‘social’ in social media networks and will try to add as many keywords as possible in a natural way.

Pin Pin Pin

Pinterest likes you to be very active. Apparently, the more you pin, the more people it will show your pins to. I’ve definitely found this to be true and my pins definitely see an increase of traffic, the more I pin from my homepage. Now, I’m not just talking about pinning your pins over and over, you need to be pinning other peoples pins to your boards in order to be found by brides and grooms looking for that inspiration. This is why following other users is so important. You follow them, their pins show up in your home page and you then have other content to pin to your own boards. The ‘ideal’ ratio for pinning is said to be 80% other people’s pins and 20% your own. You can absolutely repin your own pins to your boards as many times as you want, but be sure to follow this ratio and give a little time between repins. (I bet you’re never read the word ‘pin’ so many times in one paragraph?)

Join group boards

Ahh the magic of group boards! Similar to Facebook groups, if you join relevant group boards, you open your wedding busines up to a huge audience who aren’t even following you. By pinnning to group boards, all of its followers see your pins. You do have to get permission from the group owner to join though, it’s not as simple as pressing a button. When you open a group board, you will see the description. Quite often, that will tell you how to join the group board. Here is an example of my wedding group board description:

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Because I’m really friendly, I will let you join my group board. Just send me your Pinterest account name to and I will send you an invitation. My group board is quite relaxed, others may have rules such as ‘only one self-promotional pin per week’ etc. Be sure to follow the rules, you’ll soon get chucked out if you don’t!

Tell people that your wedding business is now on Pinterest

You have followers on other platforms, tell them you’re on Pinterest and increase your Pinterest following. The more people who follow you, the more that will see your pins and be able to pin them to their own boards. Then, all of your follower’s followers will see your pin on their homepage. That’s more people who will see and find your pins! And that’s without mentioning the ones that will find your pins by searching for terms that you have included in your pin descriptions!

Stop procrastinating and get your wedding business on Pinterest!

I think that’s it for how to use Pinterest to grow your wedding business (the basics). The results are absolutely worth the investment. If you’re still unsure, have a read of ‘Should my wedding business have a blog?’ I’ve included some screenshots of my Pinterest statistics that should persuade you to put some time into Pinterest for your wedding business.

Still have questions?

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