How to save money on your wedding? This guide is packed full of wedding cost - cutting ideas and how to have a beautiful wedding on a tight budget. Have a read and thank me later! I budget wedding ideas I save money on your wedding I cheap wedding ideas I DIY wedding I

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A wedding costs HOW much? Don’t worry, there are loads of ways to save money on your wedding with this ultimate cost cutting guide to planning your wedding.

Wedding DIY

Give it a go, have a look at Pinterest for inspiration and talk to other brides about their creations. If it’s something that interests you there are tons you can do. The one piece of advice I would give is to complete any DIY projects as soon as you can, don’t leave things until the last-minute! Plus, that way, if things don’t turn out as planned (it happened to me lots of times!) you still have time to replace them or have another go!

Look locally

Suppliers will need travelling expenses if they have far to go so source local suppliers, it’s also better for the environment! Even if you’re not a tree hugger, it’s still a good feeling knowing you’re doing some good! 

How to save money on your wedding, the ultimate cost cutting guide, cheap wedding ideas, plan a wedding on a budgetMoney Saving Catering Options

A buffet or barbeque often works out cheaper than a sit down meal. As with anything, shop around, get lots of quotes and make the decision based on what YOU want, regardless of tradition or what guests are requesting! I’ve also seen fish and chips served at a wedding, these went down a storm!

Plan An Out Of Season Wedding

Planning an out of season wedding could save you up to 60% on your total bill. Anything October – March is normally significantly cheaper and winter weddings are just wonderful!

Prioritise Your Budget

Probably the most important point. Have a read of How much to budget for your wedding (and when to blow it)

So for example, if you want to remember your day long after your wedding (and I imagine you do?) I will always recommend spending more on a photographer and saving some money from wedding favours or hiring LOVE letters etc. Who will remember tiny details 10 years later? But if you have good photos, you can look back and remember everything. If you really can’t afford a professional photographer then check out – The Wedding Snap App – UK Wedding Photo App  so that you instantly receive every photo taken at your wedding by friends and family.

how to save money on your wedding, cost cutting ideas, plan a wedding on a budget, cheap wedding ideas

Don’t be afraid to ask family for help

I would never suggest asking someone who’s not a professional to do a professional’s job as you just can’t guarantee the result; but my grandma and her sister were cake makers, needless to say I made a cheeky phone call and voila – a free wedding cake! Everyone loves a wedding, you’ll be surprised how many people would be more than happy to contribute.

Swap your skills

Are you in the wedding industry? Could you ‘service swap’ your skill for that of someone else’s? So if you make invitations, offer to do someone’s stationery package in return for their skill and something that you need. Asking about on Facebook wedding groups is a great way to connect with fellow engaged, wedding professionals.

Charity Shop Bargains

Who will know (or care) if your beautiful designer dress was a bargain second-hand find? You could find all sorts of hidden treasures perfect for wedding decorations too!

Borrow a carhow to save money on your wedding, cost cutting, cheap wedding ideas, planning a wedding on a budget

Hiring a car is a great way to arrive in style, but if there is a posh car in the family, a car wash and a fancy ribbon is a much cheaper way to still feel special. Unless you’re planning to pull up outside the church with all of your guests waiting outside, it’s unlikely anyone will even see it.

Don’t get ripped off

Pay through credit card/PayPal if buying online and never be persuaded to transfer money as a ‘gift’ as you are not covered if something goes wrong.

Look out for an ‘all in’ venue

We found a beautiful hotel to have the ceremony and the reception, food included for half the cost of doing it separately.

Book for this year

I got engaged in the March and looked to get married towards the end of summer, a lot of places offered last-minute availability prices, ours was 30% cheaper AND we booked a much sought after August wedding!

Book mid-week

 Similar to booking out of season, not only is the venue cheaper, but some suppliers could be too and it’s less-likely that you’ll struggle with their availability.

Grab a deal on men’s suits

How to save money on your wedding - the ultimate cost cutting guide. wedding budget, money saving ideas, cheap wedding

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Shop around, some places will offer great deals such as Moss Bros.’ groom goes free offer.

Ask your bridesmaids to contribute

If you buy their dresses,  ask them to buy their own shoes/accessories. It means they get some choice about their outfit and you save a few quid! You’ll probably find they’ll be more than happy to contribute! Check out these bargain bridesmaid dresses from top brands.

Keep your guest numbers to absolute essentials

No point trying to plan a wedding on a tight budget if you’re inviting 300 people, some of which you don’t even know their last name!  The postman, the neighbour and the assistant that talks to you in Tesco don’t need to be at your special day! Just the 2 of you surrounded by your closest friends and family is plenty to make your day perfect. Remember it’s YOUR day it doesn’t matter what anyone else says/thinks.

Search for the best lending deals

I can’t advise this but if you are going to be borrowing money to pay for your wedding, shop around for the best interest rate. If you can find a 0% credit card and can pay it off in the given repayment period, you won’t be paying for that one purchase 3 times over for the next 5 years!

Look For Seasonal flowersHow to save money on your wedding - the ultimate guide, cheap wedding ideas, wedding on a budget, cost cutting

Look for seasonal bouquet designs if choosing real flowers. Talk to your florist who will be able to advise you on the cheapest options. Though also consider artificial which can be considerably cheaper still.


Let guests buy their own drinks

Or consider drink tokens for closest friends/family members only. An open bar will add a hefty cost to the day!

Save on your Wedding RingsHow to save money on your wedding - the ultimate guide, cheap wedding ideas, wedding on a budget, cost cutting

Plan a trip to Either Birmingham or London’s jewellery quarter. They can cut out the middleman and often make their jewellery on site which means they can sell to you for a much better price than high street jewellers. Make a day of it. Look around, talk to the store assistants, you’re bound to find the perfect buddy for your engagement ring without needing to splash out half of your venue budget.

Get Wedding Insurance

Yes, I appreciate that this is an additional cost but if one of your suppliers goes out of business or your venue goes into administration, you could be left having to find a lot of money to replace them, or worse, having to cancel the wedding! It’s not as expensive as you might think though.

Watch out for high-street bargains!

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