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Should you invite kids to your wedding?

If you don’t have your own children it can be easy to dismiss the little bundles of joy for fear of screaming throughout the ceremony and dirty, sticky fingers too close to your beautiful, whitShould you invite kids to your wedding? Pros and cons, cute wedding outfits for kids, should children go to weddings, kids wedding idease wedding dress.

If you have got children, you’ll have ready-made pageboys and flower girls ready to scrub up, put on their best smile and make you proud all day. Not having your own children there is sim
ply not an option but do you really need to pay for everyone else’s? Especially as you can’t guarantee their behaviour. So, should you invite kids to your wedding or should they stay home with the babysitter? How will your guests react to being told to leave their precious bundles at home? Some may see it as a great excuse to have a care free drink, whilst others may struggle to find childcare and will not be able to attend at all.

Let’s go through the pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision.


Should you invite kids to your wedding – Pros

  • Kids add to the enjoyment

Any parent will tell you, when they go to the farm or spend a day at the theme park, they don’t go so they can pet the animals or go on the roller coasters themselves; they go to watch their kids laugh and enjoy themselves as they do these things.

  • Kids look super cute in wedding outfits

Is there anything cuter than a tiny, suited and booted  young boy? Or a little girl in a puffy princess dress, clip-clopping about in her 1cm high, heeled sandals?

  • No childcare to be found

Your guests will appreciate not having to find (and pay for) childcare, especially if the parents are close family as the chances are, their normal sitters will be also be at the wedding!

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Kids take great photos

Whilst I would never endorse disposable cameras at a wedding for guests as I know the result can be expensive and disappointing, they can be great fun for kids who will enjoy having a special role in the big day. They will work really hard to get some great shots of things that they think is important and you’ll have a good giggle when you get them developed. Plus you can buy child-friendly disposable cameras on Amazon for pretty cheap!

  • You’ll never an empty dance floor 

You can guarantee the smallest guests will keep your dance floor full – even if it’s just whilst they run around or skid across it! Anyone on the dance floor is better than no one on the dance floor.

  • You can get creative with their entertainment

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Should you invite kids to your wedding? Pros and cons kids at weddings, children at weddings, childrens wedding favours, kids wedding entertainment ideas  SHOULD YOU INVITE KIDS TO YOUR WEDDING? PROS AND CONS


  • Strengthen bond with children who attend

Particularly if these kids are family, how lovely will it be to talk about your wedding together as they grow older? You’ll be able to sit looking through photographs and sharing your memories with each other.

Should you invite kids to your wedding – Cons

  • Kids come with baggage.

Don’t be surprised if you spot train tracks or Peppa pig and friends set up on the dance floor.

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  • It’s more expensive

Just paying for them to enter the building will likely cost you a week’s worth of lunchtime cappuccinos. They’ll also want feeding and somewhere to sit!

  • You’ll need different food/favours/entertainments

You don’t have to be a parent to know that kids don’t care for tea light candles, bath fizzes or bottle openers so you will need to find some kid friendly wedding favours. Luckily, they don’t have to be expensive, but it is something else to think about and plan for.

  • kids can be unpredictable

You must have seen the videos on Youtube? The ring boy who throws the ring cushion at the priest? The page-boy that insists he ‘REALLY needs a poo’ half way down the isle? Sure these make great stories 20 years later but that’s 20 years of cringe-worthy torture.Should you invite kids to your wedding? pros and cons, children at weddings, kids wedding entertainment ideas, children wedding,

  • Parents might not come without kids

Some won’t be able to find childcare, others may take offence at only half of the family being invited and will be making a point. Either way, that means more money saved!

  • Parents might have to leave early to get the kids to bed

If it’s a distant cousin or a work colleague then fine but if all of your BFFs are disappearing at 8pm, they might be missed. That said, there’s no guaranteeing that they wouldn’t have to get back to the babysitter anyway.

  • Noisy through vows/speeches

There was a baby that screamed throughout my ceremony, I was actually oblivious but it did mean that the guests didn’t hear our vows – which happen to be a pretty big deal at all weddings.

  • You have to break the news to the parents that their little darlings aren’t included in the invitation

Sure you can put it in a cute little poem but however you sugar coat ‘we don’t want your kids at our special day’, it’s not always going to go down well.

  • TeenagersShould you invite kids to your wedding? Pros and cons, cute wedding outfits for kids, should children go to weddings, kids wedding ideas

Turning up in ripped jeans, Facebook pinging away on their phones. inability to smile since hitting puberty. Ok maybe I’m unfairly stereotyping? Or maybe you should invite everyone except ages 13-18?

What about a wedding creche?

If you decide to have kids at your wedding but would like the adults to be able to relax without having to run around after the little ones, hiring a professional wedding childcare service or creche is a great compromise.

Check out:

Kidz Play (covering the South coast).

Exceptions for babies?

Babies need mums. I always think babies should be an exception at a child free wedding. They’re not going to be running around the dance floor and you won’t be paying for their meal. They will likely be passed around the guests during quiet periods for the old women to coo over. I know how impossibly difficult it is to leave my young baby with anyone so if I got an invitation to a child free wedding, no matter who’s it was, I’d have no choice but to decline. It would possibly leave a bitter taste in my mouth if I was asked to leave a young baby too. Don’t be that person, whatever you chose, let the little babies stay with their mummies!


Why did you choose to invite or not invite kiddies? Let me know in the comments!

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Happy wedding planning!

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