If you’re vegan, your wedding menu will have been something that you’ve thought about long before you even got engaged.

Vegan wedding pros, cons and meal ideas. Is it fair to hold a vegan wedding? Here is everything you need to know. Vegan weddings, vegan wedding ideas, vegan wedding inspiration, vegan wedding foodThis article contains affiliate links

Should a vegan serve meat at their wedding?

Is it fair to hold a fully vegan wedding when the majority of your guests will be dairy eating, omnivores?

There are 2 sides to this argument.

Vegan wedding, vegan wedding ideas, vegan wedding inspiration, vegan wedding menu

Firstly, in my experience, meat eaters tend to not be as experimental with their foods and may not have tried or enjoy lentils/pulses etc. It may come as a shock to them when they are served a plate of vegan delicacies rather than the roast chicken dinner that they are expecting. You will have guests that will try whatever is put in front of them and politely finish it regardless of how they feel about it, but it’s also highly likely that there will be those guests who won’t touch a plate full of unfamiliar shapes and colours.

You may then have hungry and complaining guests which isn’t ideal for any wedding.

So for the meat eaters it purely comes down to whether they will be open-minded to trying something new as opposed to the steak and burgers that they may be used too.

vegan wedding, vegan wedding ideas, vegan wedding food, vegan wedding menu, vegan dessert options, vegan cake recipes


On the other side of the coin, let’s take a second to remind ourselves, you’re not asking people to eat poison or something pumped through with chemicals. You’re simply asking them to eat a plate of the food we were designed to eat. The tastiest, most beautifully presented foods that the Earth has to offer. And, I’m quite positive that they will most likely be bursting with more colour and flavour than any meat dish that you could serve up!


I should also mention the infinite and insanely delicious dessert options for a vegan and how many non-vegans would even know the difference with many of them. No one should live without chocolate, vegans certainly don’t!

vegan wedding, vegan wedding ideas, vegan wedding food, vegan wedding menu, vegan dessert options, vegan cake recipes

Let’s come away from just food and taste for a moment. It’s important to understand and respect that for a vegan, supporting the meat and dairy industry will go against all of their morals. The hidden atrocities that happen in order for someone to eat chicken in a creamy sauce are not something that a vegan can fund, not even for one day.

If i was invited for dinner at a vegan’s house, I’d be shocked and embarrassed if they’d served me meat, that they’d felt that they had to purchase and prepare/cook meat as I couldn’t go a single meal without having some form of animal on my plate.

Though we’re not talking about a simple meal here, we’re talking about a wedding day, their wedding day. If a guest couldn’t respect their vegan friend’s beliefs for the most important day of their life, do they really deserve a seat at the table at all?

Check out these vegan wedding favours

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So go ahead, hold your fully vegan wedding with your head held high and enjoy it with those who are supportive. They may even consider converting themselves when they realise how beautiful vegan food can be. It may be worth adding a note to your wedding invitations stating that it will be a vegan wedding. That way, any moaners can get it out of their system before the big day and will hopefully be able to force a smile and a thank you when their meal is served to them.

Alternatively, you could keep it to yourself and see if anyone even notices that all of the foods they’re happily tucking in to are actually vegan. 

Whatever you decide to do, you’ll be enjoying your meal and can take pride in the knowledge that the vast majority of your guests will be enjoying every delicious mouthful, none of which have harmed an animal in any single way.

I’ve included several vegan wedding meal options below, though if you already live the vegan way of life, I’m sure you already know tons of beautiful, savoury and sweet vegan recipes that anyone could enjoy!

Be sure to tell me your thoughts on vegan weddings in the comments below.

Vegan wedding menu ideas:

(I have kept these fairly simple as people tend to respond better to food that they are familiar with. They could easily be dressed up to make them look posh enough to serve as a wedding breakfast.)

Vegan Starter Ideas:

  • Roasted red pepper bruschetta
  • Hummus and crudites
  • Sweet potato soup
  • Tofu and tomato salad
  • mini vegan quiches
  • Risotto balls
  • courgette fritters
  • Mushroom pate
  • Baked Onion bhaji
  • Stuffed mushrooms

Vegan Main Meal Ideas

  • Roast vegetable and hummus pie
  • Roasted sweet potato and black bean quesadillas
  • Mango and chickpea curry
  • Three bean salad
  • Tomato risotto
  • Red lentil burgers served with skinny rosemary fries
  • Sage and chickpea stuffed butternut squash
  • Vegetable tagine served with pea and mint cous cous
  • Bean and aubergine casserole

Vegan Wedding Dessert Ideas

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  • Raw vegan strawberry cheesecake
  • Chocolate mousse
  • Individual apple pies with vegan cream
  • Coconut cream pie
  • Lemon and berry tarts
  • Chocolate dipped fruit skewers
  • Key lime coconut cups
  • peanut butter cups served with banana ice cream


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