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Wedding DIY Ideas - How to make your own box frame gift

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I love a box frame, they’re so easy to personalise with a couple of lovely things, some letters and a photo and you have a gorgeous homemade and personal gift. The great thing is it doesn’t matter whether it’s for an engaged couple (like this one) a newlywed couple or even for a member of the bridal party, you simply change the letters at the top. Best of all, you can make this gorgeous box frame gift for less than £30 (be sure to take advantage of Hobbycraft’s 15% off your first purchase when you join their free club).

How to make a box frame gift

The very first thing you need to do is go on a very exciting shopping trip for some pretty things to include in your box frame. Luckily, you can do it all in your pjs at Hobbycraft and have it delivered to you for free (when you spend over £30). Be sure to check out their full wedding range for extra lovely little details and decoration ideas.

What you will need:

A box frame – This one is my favourite, although a little more expensive than the others, it is larger and deeper so the little bouquet of flowers that I used fits nicely rather than being squashed in. You can get smaller, cheaper box frames too though. A smaller version might be more suited as a flower girl gift or for a member of the bridal party. As the one I have made is for a newly engaged couple, I wanted to go all out!

Wooden bunting – This one gives you 8 pieces, you will need one piece per letter so consider getting 2 if you are wanting to spell out ‘just married’ or something more than 8 letters.

Twine (for threading through the bunting)

Sticky letters (for the bunting)

Scrabble letters

Flowers You can choose whatever you like here, there are some gorgeous mini bouquets.

A bow 

Pritt stick

Coloured card

A photo

A ruler

How to make your own DIY box frame engagement gift

 The very first thing you should do is have a play around with how you want your DIY box frame to look. Lay everything out of your piece of card and move everything around until you’re happy with how everything fits. You’ll then have a good idea of where everything is going to go and won’t run into difficulty later on when you realise there’s not enough room for your bunting to hang (yes I did that the first time around!).

  1. Start by placing your photo on the card but don’t stick it down yet. stick your scrabble letters into place around it (the ones that I have linked to come with pre-stuck glue dots) . Use a ruler to keep them neat.

Wedding DIY Ideas - How to make your own DIY box frame gifts

2. When you’re happy with the positioning, go ahead and stick the photo down using pritt stick. Check to make sure you have left enough room for the bunting at the top. It doesn’t matter if it overlaps the photo, as long as it doesn’t cover any crucial parts of it.

Wedding DIY Ideas - How to make your own DIY box frame gifts

3. Then, thread the twine through your bunting and add your letters. This is a fiddly job. A ruler and tweezers will make this easier and keep them nicely lined up.

4. Secure your bunting using the glue dots. Twine doesn’t always stay where you want it to so by sticking down each individual piece, you can be sure it will stay in place.

Wedding DIY Ideas - How to make your own DIY box frame gifts

5. Next, secure your flowers with a little twine. You don’t really want to see this so snip the ends to keep them short, the rest will be hidden with the bow.

Wedding DIY Ideas - How to make your own DIY box frame gifts

6. Now, using your hot glue gun, very carefully secure your flowers into place. I find adding a little spot of glue to the back of each flower head helped to distribute the weight better and gave a better hold than just gluing the stems. Have a practice with the hot glue gun first so that you are familiar with the speed that the glue comes out. It dries almost instantly so you need to be pretty confident with it when it comes to the sticking the actual flowers down. Use another tiny spot of hot glue to stick your bow down.
Wedding DIY Ideas - How to make your own DIY box frame gifts

7. Assemble your box frame  (you’ll see that I removed the white insert) and you have this gorgeous DIY box frame gift for your engaged couple! You can almost guarantee no one else will have given anything so thoughtful, extra brownie points there!

Now,sit back and be proud of your work. I’d love to see your DIY box frames, be sure to post a photo on Instagram and tag me – @thecluedupbride


Wedding DIY Ideas - How to make your own box frame gift


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