Ever been to a wedding and watched the bride’s dad have a few too many beers and show her up on the dance floor?

These brides wish that was the worst of their problems!

Here are my top 10 worst wedding guests 2017!

10. The perfect guests – that no one knew!

These 2 were the perfect guests. They chatted with the elderly relatives, laughed at the speeches, ate the food, drank from the free bar and left quietly at the end of the night with an extra slice of cake. It’s just a shame that neither the bride, nor the groom had any idea who they were!

9. The newly single (and not taking it very well) best man

This best man delivered a fantastic speech for the happy bride and groom, whom he felt needed to be educated on the ‘truth’ about love and how the lie would catch up with them sooner or later, but hey ‘the bride looks stunning’ so it’s not all bad, right?

8. The Attention Seeking Cousin

Who proceeded to hand out her wedding invitations whilst the newlyweds were having some photos. She continued to tell anyone within ear shot about her wedding plans and how it would be a highly extravagant do with an open bar (all said to the guests holding their recently self-purchased drinks). You could argue, at least she had the decency to wait until the bride and groom were absent.

7. The Overly Excited Dog

Pets at weddings are a huge trend right now! And who can disapprove when they look so smoochable in a little bow tie?

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I will tell you who. The very snobby posh Mother of the Bride who kept having to peel the very excited pooch off her ankle just as he was trying to show her how much he liked her and her very expensive shoes.

6. The Cake Cutter

Cutting the cake is a big moment for the newlyweds. One inexperienced wedding guest had managed to go through life without knowing this so thought nothing of it as he happily helped himself to a piece of every sweet treat on the dessert table – including a small slice of the untouched wedding cake!

5. The Arguing Couple

When one alcohol-fuelled couple did nothing but argue throughout the entire wedding to the point that even the photographer asked them to quieten down a little, it wasn’t surprising when the woman walked out and went home. Though a few eyebrows were raised when the man also left – with a bridesmaid on his arm!

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4. The ‘Can’t Handle Her Drink Maid of Honour’

This particular bridesmaid was warned to keep clear of the bar as was famous for not being able to handle her drink. When the father of the bride had to drive her home just after 9pm as she couldn’t stand straight and was challenging everyone to a fight, the rest of the guests hoped that’d be the end of the drama. Unfortunately, her drunken threats to kill herself because ‘no one liked her’ prevented the father of the bride from making it back to the venue before the last taxis had left.

3. The “very important, professional photographer”

Despite there being an actual professional photographer, this groom’s auntie, armed with her DSLR camera, decided that it was imperative she followed the photographer around and snapped all the shots that he’d carefully arranged. Then, after a self promotion, continued ahead of him and started rallying guests into her own poses in order to capture some special moments for the bride and groom – who I should mention, never saw a single one of these photos.

Wedding Guests Behaving Badly , badly behaved wedding guests,


2. The corker

More and more guests are becoming guilty of this! There has recently been an influx of groomsmen proposing to girlfriends at their friend’s wedding! Men, this has got to stop! You blokes may not see the problem here and may decide amongst yourselves that this is a great idea. You may not realise that the bride will most likely be either furious or devastated if her wedding day becomes about someone else’s love and the wedding night sure won’t go as expected if she finds out that the groom was in on the whole idea!


Now it’s your turn! You’ve read my top 9 nightmare stories of wedding guests behaving badly, but I am still on the hunt for the worst ever wedding guest! If you’ve been to a wedding and spotted a guest behaving badly, leave me a comment and let me know. I’d love to hear your stories and your nightmare guest might even win that 1st place spot on my list of Top 10 Wedding Guests Behaving Badly.