I thought I’d make it easier for you.

Here are 9 reasons why you should want to work with me (and if you haven’t got time to read this right now, you will find the normal contact info at the bottom of the page)!

  1. I’m a really nice person. I don’t smoke, drink, take drugs and I only cross the road when the green man is showing. Wait, that doesn’t make for an interesting read does it? Ok, I once stole a Freddo from the local shop because my mum had only given me 30p to spend on sweets and I really wanted the spearmint polos as well. I felt so sick for my crime after leaving the shop that I kept it in my pocket all weekend and took it back in after school on Monday, it was a very warm Freddo puree by this time, but the point is, it was the shop’s Freddo purée, not mine. 
  2. If you don’t hire me… The next person/brand to view this page could snap me up to collaborate with them. I have big ideas under my hat, Is that a risk you can take? 
  3. No one has my passion and enthusiasm. Yes I get that everyone says that at every audition/interview BUT I actually mean it and I got a badge in ‘Brownies’ for my honesty.
  4. I take risks, Everyone else’s ‘work with me’ pages are full of nothing but boring stats and contact info. I wrote you an entire blog entry for it! (bonus points there for going over and above there too)?
  5. I can’t act – I feel for an interview you should always be open about your ‘not so good ats’… So, the reason I tell you I can’t act is because if this goes unnoticed my next project might be a vlog with a very similar title. So if you want to see an incredibly, wooden woman telling you why she’s awesome then don’t hire me straight away, I’ll dig out the camcorder and robotically announce how my writing skills can enhance your brand. 
  6. I’m secretly a princess – OK maybe I’m not a daughter of the queen, but if you knocked on my door when I wasn’t expecting you, it’s quite possible you’d catch me doing the chores in my wedding dress and veil. I have always been a little wedding obsessed and after getting hitched 2 years ago, that obsession grew in to some kind of addiction. I can’t even recycle a jam jar now without tying some lace around it and filling it with coloured scatter crystals and a tea light! 
  7. I’ve done loads of development courses and other clever stuff. I therefore understand that I thrive on recognition. Whilst this has always been a pain in the ass for me, as it always resulted in a heck of a lot of unpaid overtime, it has always worked in the favour of every one of my employers; who have always benefited from my blood, sweat and tears in order to wow them with whatever task I’d completed or innovative idea I’d come up with!
  8. You’ve read this far because you wanted to know the outcome, isn’t that exactly what you aim for with every article you’ve ever published?
  9. I’m human. I won’t send you some automated reply if you reach out to me. I would be so thrilled to hear from you that I will personally take the time to respond and talk through any ideas you may have. I will also carefully review any collaboration or sponsorship suggestions and would be happy to negotiate terms with you.

Please fill in the form below or contact me at keelie@thecluedupbride.co.uk

I’d love to hear from you.

Media kit available upon request.

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